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(NCI) Competition High Performance

NCI Competition Rugby - High Performance

High Performance coaching certification is provided by National Coaching Institute (NCI)

The NCI Diploma program creates an enriched learning environment that integrates many disciplines to enhance the knowledge of the coach. The NCI fosters and develops excellence in coaching by providing the knowledge and skills for high performance coaches through a two-year diploma program, resulting in NCCP Level 4 certification.The program is competency-based, integrating classroom study with a coaching practicum under the leadership of a master coach in the related sport.

This two-year part-time program allows coaches to pursue professional development without interrupting their careers. It includes the required tasks to complete NCCP Level 4 certification and is augmented with courses in communication, choice theory, resilience training, the power of validation, power and ethics, working with parents, coaching philosophy and values. A customized program can be created for those interested in a longer period of study.

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