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NCCP Questions

CC# & MED information and process

1. Under normal circumstances a coach will receive a CC# when they complete their first NCCP training workshop*. Once a workshop is entered into the NCCP database, the coach will receive an email with their CC#/Username and password.



2. To request a CC# the following information is required: name, address, date of birth and possible time frame of the NCCP training/workshop, if applicable. A search may reveal a coach’s CC#. If a coach has duplicate CC#s then they should also make a request to merge the two files at



3. The CC# can be used to check your transcript by going to, and clicking on “Check your NCCP certification”. On the next page enter your CC# and last name. Your transcript is proof of completion of NCCP training, evaluation and certification.



4. To receive an NCCP coaching card by mail, the coach needs to send a request in writing to CAC Coach Services at and provide their name, address, and date of birth.



5. If a coach needs to complete the MED online evaluation for Competition Introduction, they will require an email and CC#. If the coach needs to complete the MED evaluation immediately following their first training, then they will need to request a CC# from CAC Coach Services at



6. To access the MED online evaluation: if a coach requests a CC# to complete the MED they will be sent the link from CAC Coach Services. If a coach already has a CC#, they can access the MED and DAA pre-course assignment by going to , then NCCP TRAINING, ELEARNING. As of October 2010 all coaches who complete and successfully pass (75%) the MED online evaluation will receive the result directly on their transcript. Please check with your sport on which MED you require for certification purposes. For more information on MED click here:


*Workshop = NCCP training/course – a workshop is recorded on a CRF. The CRF is sent by the host to the PTCR, or PSO and/or NSO and then it is sent to the CAC to be entered on the NCCP database and in turn the coach’s transcript. It takes a minimum of three months to receive an update on your NCCP transcript from the time a NCCP workshop is submitted to CAC.

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